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T Magazine, “The Story Behind T’s Judy Chicago Cover,” Thessaly La Force, February 2018 The inspiration for the cover of T’s women’s issue was a 1970 black-and-white photograph of Judy Chicago sitting in a boxing ring. She wears satin shorts and a sweatshirt printed with her name, a gloved hand on each knee. She looks ready to take a swing.

Visual Art Source, Review of “Agnes Martin and Me,” Jordan Eddy, January 2017 The centerpiece of Donald Woodman's "Agnes Martin & Me" is a series of photographs documenting a boat voyage he took with Martin years ago on the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The images show Martin glued to the small vessel's bow, staring out at an abstract universe of rippling reflections. Woodman is at the wheel, charting their course and snapping photos.

The Jewish Week, “What’s In A Number,” Sandee Brawarsky, September 2016 The idea of painting by number was born in the 1950s, when one could buy a set of paints that came boxed with outlined drawings, indicating which color belonged where. According to the Smithsonian Institution, which featured an exhibition dedicated to this art form in 2002, by 1954, paint by number had become a cultural phenomenon, and one critic wrote that there were more numbered paintings hanging in American homes than original works of art.

Pasatiempo, “Between the Lines: Donald Woodman Remembers Agnes Martin,” Craig A. Smith, August 2016 Photographer Donald Woodman, known for his wide range of work from formal architecture documentation and landscapes to fine art studies and commercial projects, knew Martin from an unusual angle: From 1977 to 1984, he served as her personal assistant, performing a staggering range of duties and devoting his life to hers. In his telling memoir Agnes Martin and Me, published by Lyon Artbooks, he recalls and explores the challenges and rewards of those seven years.

The Taos News, “Agnes Martin memoirist opens SOMOS series,” Yvonne Pesquera, July 2016 The Society of the Muse of the Southwest (SOMOS) begins its Summer Writers Series Wednesday (July 20). The series then continues for six weeks until Aug. 24. Jan Smith, executive director of SOMOS, has been the curator of the seasonal series since 2009, with the exception of the winter of 2016, when Veronica Golos served as the curator.

Royal Academy of Arts, “The Best New Art Books for Summer,” Michael Prodger, June 2016 Michael Prodger heads for the beach with his pick of the best holiday reads on artists – in fact and fiction.

Interview Magazine, “Living with Agnes Martin,” Emily McDermott, June 2016 Now, more than 30 years after meeting the painter and following numerous interviews by art historians for catalogue essays and biographies on Martin, Woodman has released Agnes Martin and Me, a detailed account of the pair’s journey. He tells monumental stories of traversing the Mackenzie River in Northern Canada during the dead of winter in nothing more than a metal fishing boat with two weak motors; of relocating to Galisteo with Martin, where he built both Martin’s adobe home and the teepee in which he lived for seven years; and of meeting the artist Judy Chicago, who is now his wife.

El Palacio Magazine, “Donald Woodman: The Early New Mexico Experience,” Mary Anne Redding, Spring 2014

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The Denver Post, “She Shoots, He Paints – Or Is It the Other Way Around?” Ray Mark Rinaldi, March 2013 [A]t the Fulginiti Pavilion in Aurora: “Four Questions,” a joint project exploring lingering questions from the Holocaust, created by feminist icon Judy Chicago of “The Dinner Party” renown, along with her husband, the respected photographer Donald Woodman.

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