A straight guy’s ‘Cliff’s Notes’ about the Gay Rodeo 

About the Gay Rodeo:

Anyone and everyone can participate in any event. Most events are gender segregated, although sometimes you do need to have intimate relations with the contestant to know which gender they are or how they identify themselves.

Events: Calf Roping on Foot

Break-Away Roping – Team Roping – Chute Dogging – Pole Bending – Grand Entry – Steer Riding – Barrel Racing – Flag Racing – Bull Riding

Camp Events:   Steer Decorating – Goat Dressing – Wild Drag Racing

A brief description of the three Camp Events:

Steer Decorating

One steer, two contestants and a colorful ribbon – usually red.

One person with rope looped around the steer’s horns (steer starts out in the chute) tries to hold the steer so that the second contestant stationed 40 feet away can tie the ribbon around the steer’s tail after the chute gate is opened.

Goat Dressing

One goat, two contestants and one pair of white jockey shorts.

One person caring jockey shorts and with the help of the second person who must lift the hind quarters of the goat, must slip the jockey shorts onto the goat’s hind quarters so that they remain until both contestants run back across the start/finish line

Wild Drag Race

One wild steer, one ‘cowboy’, one ‘cowgirl’, one person dressed in ‘drag’ (either male or female or other gender).

A 25 foot halter is attached to the steer, which is in the chute. After the chute gate is opened, the team of 3 must direct the steer across the finish line located 70 feet from the chute. The contestant dressed in ‘drag’ must mount the steer and then ride it back across the finish line with the help of the ‘cowboy’ and ‘cowgirl’. Two teams are in the arena at the same time. Lots of dragging by the steer, lots of dust and lots of fun. A timed event, but inventive costumes are audience pleasers.