Eatertainment: Filling the Void

We travel a lot and frequently I am bored while in airport waiting areas. While waiting for a flight in the San Diego airport, I observed this person mysteriously produce a package of Club & Cheddar crackers. He seemed to quickly pass into an altered state and in moments, he had consumed the 6 bite size morsels.

I am ever the observer of human nature and on occasion, I have camera in hand searching for just such a revealing moment. Sometimes, as a photographer one is given the gift of both observing and capturing an event that speaks volumes. This was one such event. Moreover, a series of images presented in sequence allows the viewer to observe every detail of the unfolding act.

Health care and rampant obesity have been in the news this past year. Recently, many books have explored why people become excessively obese. The word Eatertainment was coined by one writer to describe people who consume food either unconsciously or for personal gratification, almost as a form of entertainment.

No, I did not ask the subject permission to photograph; such is the philosophy of one school of Photo Journalism, one to which I adhere.